Three Geese

I saw three Canada geese flying north over Digi-Key this morning.

Declaration: I miss diving into complex fiction. I miss the words of Momaday:

Dypaloh. There was a house made of dawn. It was made of pollen and of rain, and the land was very old and everlasting. There were many colors on the hills, and the plain was bright with different-colored clays and sands. Red and blue and spotted horses grazed in the plain, and there was a dark wilderness on the mountains beyond. The land was still and strong. It was beautiful all around.

N. Scott Momaday (1968). House Made of Dawn. New York:

Declaration: I miss words. I miss words like those of William Least Heat-Moon:

I’m down in a hollow where a river begins, I’m between ledges where a source drips steady as if being long and slowly wrung, I’m between layers of rock and shale, they between gone seas; the wind carries in the rain, the water flushes along organic acids that eat the permeable stone back into liquid and send it again toward the far father sea; the solids come in and head out,  just pausing; all around me are absorptions and percolations, everything soluble, the grasses sucking the mutable rock and transpiring, everything between forms of liquidity, and all things forms of liquidity….

William Least Heat-Moon (1991). PrairyErth (a deep map). New York:

Question: Have you ever read Aldo Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac?

March: The Geese Return

One swallow does not make a summer, but one skein of geese, cleaving the murk of a March thaw, is the spring.

A cardinal, whistling spring to a thaw but later finding himself mistaken, can retrieve his error by resuming his winter silence. A chipmunk, emerging for a sunbath but finding a blizzard, has only to go back to bed. But a migrating goose, staking two hundred miles of black night on the chance of finding a hole in the lake, has no easy chance for retreat. His arrival carries the conviction of a prophet who has burned his bridges.

Aldo Leopold (1970). A Sand County Almanac. New York:

Statement: I saw three geese this morning. They were flying north over Digi-Key. They then turned west and disappeared. The temperatures dropped during the day. By 4:00 pm snowflakes flew in the air. I stopped the car at the mailbox this evening. The fields, lake-like in the morning, were now frozen.



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