Winter Recedes

Great skeins of geese flew across the sky last weekend before the temperatures plummeted. Where do returning geese hide when the thermometer goes subzero? The wind blew horrendously on Monday and Tuesday. Tornadoes wreaked havoc in Illinois and Missouri. The earliest tornadoes in state record destroyed property in central Minnesota.

The tussles between winter and spring are historic. The sun strengthens. Radiant heat melts the snow at the perimeter of rock piles and base of trees.


Rivers of melt water snake across ditched fields refreezing as rushing rivulets when the temperature plummets again. Shallow skating rinks stretch across low-lying spots in the 320 aces that surround the house. I hike across the frozen field in boots now and skate across the intervening ponds.

Receding snow reveals what has become hidden over the course of the long winter.

Coyote in March

One thought on “Winter Recedes

  1. You found the coyote then. He doesn’t look like he’ll be eating grey cat anytime soon. That’s good. That cat might have decided a coyote might be fun to play with.


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