2018 New Year’s Resolution

To look up —
Mature Bald Eagle, Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge
To explore —
Balancing on the Rails
To pause —
Rosehips at Lansing Parker Pool, Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge
To see those around me —
Woman on Beach, Park Point, Duluth, Minnesota
To embrace silence —
Winter Afternoon
To consider that which has been —
Wagon in North Woodlot
That which is —
Snowfall, South Woodlot
And that which is to come —
Bee on New England Asters
These are my New Year’s resolutions.

4 thoughts on “2018 New Year’s Resolution

    1. Thank you! The colors of the rose hips and asters were both so vivid! I captured many of these photos on morning and evening bike rides during the spring, summer and early-autumn. I would wake early in the morning, before work, and ride my bike around the 4-mile section where I live. The agricultural land in northwestern Minnesota is platted in 640-acre squares. In the evening, I would jump on my bike and do the same. The objective was to capture the nuances and colors of the changing seasons. I was wonderstruck by all the activity contained within the sameness of those 4 miles! The visitors — insects, birds, wildlife, reptiles! — and plants. Many times I jumped off my bike in mid-peddle caught by some movement or color change in the foliage. In the middle of winter, I sometimes dream of sandhill cranes in the wheat fog of an early-August morning or primrose blossoms in the 6:00 am light. The rose hips and asters were photographed in late-autumn. The hours of daylight were getting markedly shorter, the air was cooling, we were moving inexorably toward winter.

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