Eiseley: Plant Quiet Like a Seed….

Plant quiet like a seed within your heart
And let it grow and split that organ through.




Let the fierce root rive all such walls apart,
Let the dark flourish, let your words be few.


Tree of Lives Lived


Out of the earth and dreaming in the sun
Though the years burgeon, it is well to know,
After the lightning and the wolves that run
In the tense mind, the quietude of snow.


Quietude of Snow, Late March


Thirst, if you thirst, for all the elder things –
Lie with the worm against the forest’s root.


Striped Coralroot in Forest Litter


Eat of the granite, plumb the deeper springs,


Water Rushing: Chester Creek, Duluth, Minnesota


Burn with the acrid and the bitter soot



Packed in a puffball. In that leathern cover
Taste the last taste: compound of life and lover.



Eiseley, Loren. “Compound.” All the Night Wings, 63. New York: TIMES BOOKS, 1979.

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