Of Libraries and Wagon Wheels

As a child, when books were few and far between, when I had not yet learned about libraries, I craved the written word. In our home we had a small bookcase containing a set of Encyclopedia Britannica and a number of my mother’s art books. I do not know why reading was not emphasized in […]

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We Must Make Large of It

Declaration – I tell you this with some urgency. Life is short, and we must make large of it. We must wake each day conscious to its possibilities. We must wake expectant. We must wake ready. We must participate. This is my declaration. Walt Whitman began his poem Leaves of Grass ­— I celebrate myself, […]

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Chronicling The Changes

I smelled deeply the aspen leaves this morning. Holding the cluster of leaves to my face, I smelled their sweetness. I smelled new life determined to express itself. I felt the coming fullness of the new season. Peering up at the changing canopy, I saw the promise of spring delivered.     Searching out wood […]

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The chipmunk sat upon its branch, posing perhaps, or so it seemed. He or she gave me all the time in the world to kneel in the dry grass and focus my camera. She stayed in place as if asking me to see only her and not the tumult of competing thoughts thrashing about in […]

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We come to something….

Just as singing in the shower does not make me an opera singer, putting words on paper does not make me a poet. This is a reality I accept. I am a scribbler of thoughts. And although I take great pains to shape my words in ways that capture what I am thinking and feeling, […]

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I swapped out snowshoes for my bike Monday evening. The air was cold, and the ditches stretched frozen alongside the road. I pedaled in snowpants, winter jacket and wool socks. I wore thick leather mitts and a winter cap against the stiff west wind. I pedaled, despite the cold, despite the wind, to welcome in the […]

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