We Must Make Large of It

Declaration – I tell you this with some urgency. Life is short, and we must make large of it. We must wake each day conscious to its possibilities. We must wake expectant. We must wake ready. We must participate. This is my declaration. Walt Whitman began his poem Leaves of Grass ­— I celebrate myself, […]

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Chronicling The Changes

I smelled deeply the aspen leaves this morning. Holding the cluster of leaves to my face, I smelled their sweetness. I smelled new life determined to express itself. I felt the coming fullness of the new season. Peering up at the changing canopy, I saw the promise of spring delivered.     Searching out wood […]

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The chipmunk sat upon its branch, posing perhaps, or so it seemed. He or she gave me all the time in the world to kneel in the dry grass and focus my camera. She stayed in place as if asking me to see only her and not the tumult of competing thoughts thrashing about in […]

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Winter Recedes

Great skeins of geese flew across the sky last weekend before the temperatures plummeted. Where do returning geese hide when the thermometer goes subzero? The wind blew horrendously on Monday and Tuesday. Tornadoes wreaked havoc in Illinois and Missouri. The earliest tornadoes in state record destroyed property in central Minnesota. The tussles between winter and […]

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Frozen Landscapes

January in northwestern Minnesota is cold. Fields lay beneath snowscapes of sculpted drifts, sometimes windblown in peaked escarpments, sometimes divoted as if by choppy waters, sometimes rippled in gentle waves. Ditches so deep that in spring they might serve as transport canals are in January filled with snow and flush with roads. This week’s blizzard […]

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To Snowshoe

The worst of the cold weather is over for the week. The midweek’s stretch of -20 degrees Fahrenheit has been replaced by -2. I went snowshoeing this afternoon. The sun shone brightly. There was little wind. The blizzard that heralded out the old year and welcomed in the new brought measurable snow. Today I trudged […]

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